Fresh seafood

Starters and side dishes

Elaborate main dishes

Others we may have




Our Food

*Our kitchen is not equipped to handle specific allergens and we cannot guarantee the absence of cross-contamination. If you have any allergies please ask the waiter.

Fresh seafood

Every morning we look for freshly caught fish, mollusks and crustaceans. Select what you like on the display table at the entrance.

FRESH FISH … 22 € / kg

We prepare it stewed, fried and grilled or grilled or grilled on the back depending on the piece, with or without garlic to your liking. We carefully select our pieces. And if you want more variety, come early!

Starters and side dishes

We calculate our portions for 4 people who like to eat. If you are not so hungry, want to try more dishes or are only two people, you can order a half portion.

Elaborated main dishes

In addition to our fresh seafood that you saw when you came in and maybe you have already chosen, we offer you some elaborated main dishes.

From the sea

From the land

If your dining companion doesn’t like fish, don’t worry, you can still come. We have spectacular meat dishes. In addition, you will be able to enjoy the wonderful views.

Others we may have

We usually have these dishes, but not always. The waiter will answer your questions.


Our desserts are homemade and are prepared by our chef in our kitchen. The ice creams we offer are of the Kalise brand, they are not homemade, but they are tremendous.

Wines and Sparkling Wines

Our house wine is delicious, but we understand that sometimes you want to try something different. Therefore, we have selected a variety of wines to complement our offer. Explore our options and enjoy new flavors!

House red wine …6€ (1/2) / 3 € (1/4)

Sangria …4,5 € (glass)


Sparkling wines

Moët & Chandon …75 €.

(chardonnay, meunier, pinot noir)

Cavas of Spain

Ask the waiter what is currently available.


Matazno fruity …14 € 14

Islas Canarias

Volcán de Caramujo
Fruity / Dry …14 € 14

DOP Valle de la Orotava
(listán blanco, albillo criollo) / (listán Blanco, albillo)

Viña Zanata
Fruity / traditional …14 € 14 €

DO Ycoden Daute Isora
(listán blanco, muscatel, Vijariego Blanco, malvasía aromática and marmajuelo) / (listán blanco)

Dragoblanco Dry Dry Monk …16 € 16.00

Islas Canarias
(listán blanco)

Val do Sosego …16 € 16

DO Rías Baixas

Javier Sanz Verdejo…17 €.

DO Rueda

Viñatigo Marmajuelo SEcO…18 € 18

DO Canary Islands

Wines of Lanzarote

Ask the waiter what is currently available.


Vega Badenes …13 €

DO Tierra de Castilla


Traditional young Caramujo volcano…14 € 14 € 14.00

(black listan)

Canta muda Oak 6 months …15 € 15 € 15


Carmelo Rodero young …18 €.


Ramón Bilbao Crianza …18€.

DO La Rioja

Prunte Esencia del Territorio
Oak | 7 month …22€

DO Valle de La Orotava
(black listan, tintilla)

Carmelo Rodero Crianza …34€.

DO Ribera del Duero
(tempranillo,cabernet sauvignon)